Cooperation with EurEau

EUREAU (European Federation of National Associations of Water and Waste Water Services) – The European Association of National Service Providers for Water and Waste Water is an association of national water associations. Currently, EUREAU associates national associations from 26 full-fledged countries and 3 observer countries.

AVS became a full member of EUREAU in
2005, after the Slovak Republic joined the European Union in 2004
and the association was an observer at EUREAU.


AVS representatives are transversal participating in important EUREAU meetings, such as: EUREAU Management Board meetings and Working Group meetings (EU I for drinking water, EU II for waste water, EU III for economy).


The association wants to participate actively in the future
solutions to some important federal issues, such as the Framework
the Water Directive, currently one of the main themes of the negotiations
EUREAU. As part of its membership, AVS will use common options
to influence European legislation effectively.

EUREAU 2 meeting in Bratislava

On May 21, 2014 to May 23, 2014 she met in
Bratislava European interest organization associating national water supply
Association of Thirty European States EUREAU. Specifically, it was a meeting
EUREAU 2 Group, which is responsible for wastewater issues.

At the first informal meeting, EUREAU President welcomed Bruno Tisserand
new members, which he informed about current issues of European water industry.

On the second meeting day, there were three working groups on the agenda
the Kaly working group led by its chairman and a representative of Norwegian waterworks
Arne Harr.

Jean Pierre Silan from Belgium presented the tasks of the Compliance Working Group
WG, which monitors the transposition of European water laws into national legislation of EU member states. The issue
Third Working Group on Waste Water, led by Saijarina Toivikko from
Denmark, concluded the second negotiating day.

The Water Companies Association has prepared this for EUREAU
Evening evening program. After a short tour of Bratislava a
Bratislava Castle held an informal dinner on the Kamzík TV Tower
Altitude Restaurant, which was complemented by traditional Slovak music and

On the last day, the Reuse / Water Recovery Working Group discussed the EUREAU 2 plenary session under the leadership of President Bruno Tisserand.

At the end of the program, the Water Companies Association organized a technical one
a tour of the wastewater treatment plant in Petržalka, where the participants heard
presentation of the WWTP worker and had the opportunity to view its equipment and

The meeting was exceptional for the first time in Slovakia at the Kempinsky Riverpark in Bratislava. The participants of the EUREAU meeting appreciated not only the place but also the overall organization and the friendly atmosphere of the event in which it was held.